Cross-Docking, Transloading, & Warehousing Services

Eliminate storage, optimize transportation times.

The Musket cross-dock & storage facility in Mississauga offers a selection of logistical solutions for those looking to transport goods and materials.

Cross-Dock & Transload

Unload materials from a manufacturer or from a mode of transportation directly to the end-customer or another mode of transportation, with little or no storage in between. Our facility allows for cross docking so there's little delay in transportation time.

We're also capable of transloading containers of standard freight commodities to meet the needs of our customers.

Flatbed Accommodations

The structure of our cross-dock and storage facility combined with the range of equipment means we're capable of loading and offloading flatbeds with ease. All services are competitively priced and include storage, repackaging, relabeling of pallets, and more.

Technologically Advanced Safety Features

Safety measures for tracking and tracing while in transit, and at our facilities, provide peace of mind that the products and materials moved through our facility are kept safe and secure.

Safety and security measures include:

  • Geotab on all trucks
  • In-house custom tracking system
  • IBRIGHT Software on all refrigerated trucks ensuring the temperature is controlled at all times
  • Cross-check procedures
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • And more . . .