Announcing the AZ Grant for Women

Musket is thrilled to announce the launch of the 2024 AZ Grant for Women, an exciting opportunity for women residing in Mississauga and Burlington to kick-start their careers in the transport industry. This grant program, offered by Musket Transport and their Private Career Training College, CHET (Commercial Heavy Equipment Training), aims to remove the financial barrier that often prevents women from entering this field.

"In my opinion, Musket's greatest strength in owning its own Private Career College is the humanitarian factor," states Sophia Sniegowski, Corporate Communications Officer for Musket Transport. "We are able to put forward opportunities to groups that are typically faced with financial barriers with regards to truck driver training and are not necessarily the industry's target demographic. Unfortunately, women are a minority group within transportation and logistics so we launched our annual AZ female grant program to help usher in more women into the space."

This unique program offers comprehensive AZ driver training at CHET, ensuring candidates receive top-notch education and hands-on experience. Upon successfully completing their training and passing the Ministry Road Test as well as Musket's Carrier Road Test, participants will be eligible for employment as commercial drivers with Musket Transport.

Shira Kates, a past recipient of the AZ Grant for Women, shares her inspiring story: "I'm very grateful to Musket and CHET for their generosity in awarding me their AZ grant for women in 2022. The opportunity allowed me to break out of a career I felt stuck in - after 10 years in religious non-profits, I felt like my resume was immediately passed over any time I tried to branch out. Musket looked past my narrow training background and welcomed me into their school and fleet."

In 2024, thanks to CHET's expansion into Burlington, Musket will be offering two grants—one for a candidate residing in Mississauga and another for a candidate residing in Burlington. This expansion increases the reach to even more aspiring female drivers and provide them with the necessary skills and support to excel in their careers.

Collage of women in the transport industry.

Applications for the AZ Grant for Women residing in Mississauga will open on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024, and close on Wednesday, February 28th, 2024. The winner will be announced on International Women's Day, Friday, March 8th, 2024. On the same day, applications for the grant for women residing in Burlington will also open, marking the celebration of the expanded grant.

Musket and CHET want to encourage all women who aspire to thrive in the transport industry to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Whether candidates are seeking a career change or looking to enter the industry for the first time, the AZ Grant for Women can help them achieve their goals.

Together, CHET and Musket Transport hope to pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse transport industry.

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Published on Dec 07, 2023